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The NEW ZEALAND MUSICOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Promoting the Study, Understanding and Enjoyment of the Musics of the World to a wide range of music lovers from academics, librarians, composers and performers to private scholars

The NZMS was formed in 1981, an initiative of Assoc. Prof. Warren Drake of Auckland University, with the aim of advancing musicological study and research in New Zealand, and encouraging and assisting cooperation between institutions interested in musicology. It holds regular conferences and symposia which provide a forum for its members to meet, report on their research and discuss current issues.

Major events in the Society's recent history have been joint conferences with the Musicological Society of Australia (MSA) in Auckland (1994), Sydney (2000), Wellington (2003), Brisbane (2007), Hamilton (2008) (including a Lilburn Symposium) and Dunedin (2010), which attracted scholars from New Zealand, Australia, Asia, China, the Pacific, the United States and Europe.

The Society has sought a broad profile and accordingly has welcomed music lovers with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. This is always reflected in the wide range of topics covered in conference papers. Society members are engaged in musical research, whether historical, bibliographical, analytical or ethnomusicological. Although many are academics, others are librarians, music therapists, composers, performers, private scholars or individuals with a general interest in the world of music.

Students of music are particularly welcome. They will be given the opportunity to gain overseas experience by reporting on and discussing their work in a stimulating and supportive environment. Travel grants are available to student members who present papers at Society conferences. Please contact the Treasurer (on Contacts Page) for further information about travel grants.

Being a member of the Society ensures that you are kept informed of the NZMS's activities, of other members' interests, forthcoming NZMS annual conferences and conferences held in conjunction with the Australian Musicological Society.

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